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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi Gus and Shadow

Hi there Gus and Shadow, Mom and Dad are tired out from driving, so they are sitting down reading the paper and mail. We were good girls on our trip to South Fla. and grandmom liked us. Mom said she never liked dogs, but we are so cute and little, that she let us in her house. Mom's girlfriend let us in her house too, and we slept with Mom and Dad, but got on her couch.
When we got back to our house Dad left the door open just a wee bit, so we went for a run out on the front street and on the busy street. It was great fun to see Dad try to run after us. Mom waved at a big truck and the nice man got out and called me, so that was the end of the run.
Mom and Dad are mad at us now, but that will end soon.
Mom just said she would talk to you next week, she wants to take a bath and go to bed early.
Pumpkin & Polly


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