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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day & Quilts


This link should take you to my online album of the memorial quilt I made back in 2005 after the death of our son. I could not find a picture on this laptop or I would have posted it onto the WWQ web page.

Last Monday, I took the quilt down and placed it on our guest bed. I love to walk along the bed and read the names, rub my hands across the quilt blocks, and remember how much it meant to my husband and me when we were in the deepest of that dark valley. To have people (that we have never meant and probably never will, except through a line in an email)take their time to send a card, a word of encouragment and also take their time to make a memorial quilt block just for us.

I wanted to thank you all again for your gift of love. Perhaps most or maybe all of those that sent a block no longer even post to this website. In case their is just one, I wanted to remind you that we grestly appreciate your gift.

In God We Trust,
Sandra from SC 5/31/09


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