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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Those "Last-Minute Lucy" Types ....

Joleen wrote "It was a Great show because we had so many quilts, but because they couldn't all be displayed in full the voting was affected and people's feelings were understandably hurt."

It appears that the organizers of their show were too kind to the "Last-Minute Lucy" types, the procrastinators, the "oh, please, please, please, let me enter my quilt I just finished ....." girls and so made the grown-ups, the women who had their quilts done on time suffer as a result.

I hate to read about that happening and I hope the show organizers learned a lesson that they will pass along to the next show's committee. Deadlines are deadlines. End of discussion. Save your quilt for the next show. (Maybe putting the deadline too far in front of the show was a mistake but that's something that can be hashed out by the next committee.) Just one woman's opinion, of course.

There are some people who think they are special and who think that deadlines don't apply to them but when you get a flock of those "special darlings" it can really ruin what should be a memorable event and turn it into a bitter occasion.


  • At May 2, 2009 at 2:51 PM , Blogger jdb in AZ said...

    A month before a large show isn't too long of a deadline. Our state guild deadline is 2 months before the show. No exceptions.


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