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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lot of Quilting Rulers, EQ5 Books, Hand Piecing Templates, etc.


My apologies. I can never make the links work without a lot of trial and error. I thought I could remember how I managed to make it work last time I did it, but it just isn't working for me yet. Can someone help me? I copied the url address and pasted into the window for the link. Yet it doesn't appear in the posting.

Hoping this link will take you to may eBay auction containing quilting rulers, hand piecing templates, EQ5 books (buyer will receive my copy of the quilting software) etc. I do very little quilting now and would love for these to go to someone that will use them. Asking $25 in the US. If purchased new these items would total well over $200. This is a great deal especially for a beginning quilter.

Copy and paste will take you to the page. I never could get the link to work.---------------------------------------


  • At July 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

    Sandra-have you had success with selling on E bay? We are thinking of selling "stuff" there when our house sells. We have 2 pieces of Art Glass and a few other things that we think would sell. Lots of used books, but they may go better locally.
    2nd option is to hire someone to come in for an "Estate" sale. Even though we are not dead, too much of the antique type stuff that we don't want/use.
    Sara in Fla.

  • At July 9, 2014 at 8:14 AM , Blogger Lightning57~ Sandra from SC said...

    This is the first auction I have placed in a long time. I had placed them on two craft websites that I use but got no response. Thought I would try eBay. If they don't sell there I guess I'll use the items to barter with on one of the boards.

    We use to do a lot of selling and buying on eBay until the cost of mailing increased so much. You'll have to take that into account. Packing material etc. What I have will all fit into a Med. USPS flat rate box for about $12 and none of it is breakable.

    Your option 2 would probably be the least headache and work for you if you have a lot of stuff. If you do have a lot a local on site auction might be something to consider. Good luck. Moving is never easy and it's amazing how much stuff we have when we start to sort and discard.


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