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Friday, January 6, 2012


What a treasure. I came by a GFG made, judging by the fabric, in late 30s or early 40s. It was given to my by my not so DMIL who continually reminded me that it cost her $100. (She always attached the monetary value to everything and everyone. Consequently her grandchildren couldn't love her when they had so much love to give.) I didn't know what a treasure it was until over the years I learned so much more about antique fabrics etc. Consequently I didn't treat it properly so now it needs some repair. I've been advised to applique hexes over the ones that have given way to the sun damage and years of neglect. Even though it's in poor condition it has been appraised at over $500. The only reason that matters to me is that the donor is probably rolling over in her grave which gives me some pleasure.

My other antique is a log cabin I bought at an antique show. It was never finished and the fabrics (a lot of suiting and velvet) were sewn on a now rotting muslin with very large sloppy stitches, I assume by a child or very old (to wit: older than I am) quilter. I've been advised to use duck or some very strong backing and stitch the logs very subtley at the corners to the duck. The quilt is so heavy that muslin just won't be able to hold it. I bought it because I loved it and that, too, is on my list of quilty things to do.

You've inspired me. Thanks for your post.

Jane in NC


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