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Monday, July 12, 2010


Sounds like quite a full time. If you've never attended a talk by Linda Cantrell you are in for a treat. She has an irrepressible sense of humor. In addition to her gorgeous Jacobean applique she has done a series of very humorous quilts with people, animals, local store fronts etc. Quite a few years ago she did one depicting the "Life and Times of Sunbonnet Sue". It's satirical and must be viewed in close detail. There is a bit of something naughty about it. I haven't seen her more recent stuff.

Biltmore house and gardens are well worth several visits over a lifetime. Several rooms have recently been restored and open to the public. For your first visit I suggest that you do an organized tour with a docent. The whole house and whole gardens are too much for a single day. There are some incredible tapestries that any fiber artist could spend hours inspecting.

Macon County around Franklin has been working on a quilt trail in which many members of my guild are participating. Let us hope it cools off a bit for your trip.

Cotton Club has moved and is on NC 25 Hendersonville Road (Exit 50 from I-40 going South). It's not far from that intersection.



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