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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well, ladies, what better thing to happen to me on National Quilting Day than to have a good Quilting Buddy call me up and chew me out royally for being silly enough to forget my password to get onboard the BB. She, silly woman, uses the same password for most of her online sites while I, paranoid creature that I am, create a unique password for EVERY site which of course is a prescription for forgetfulness the next time one wants to log in online ANYWHERE! LOL. But here I am, Backkkkk at Last! heh-heh. THIS time I WROTE IT DOWN and I'll be posting more often. This is a shirt quilt that I made a couple years ago...you can see my gray hair, my messy computer desk and my much-beloved Singer 15-91. This machine is one of several vintage machines I use and is my main quilting machine. Working on the Shirt Quilt

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