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Monday, June 11, 2012

Fire near Ft. Collins, Colorado

There is a huge fire near Fort Collins, Colorado and it sounds like there have been some homes lost. I’ve decided to assemble some quilts to send to victims of the fire. I have a family member near Ft. Collins who will accept responsibility to get the quilts distributed.

If anyone would like to send me some blocks this is what I’d like:

12 1/2 inches UNFINISHED size blocks, 12 inches finished

Colors – Blue, green and/or brown with natural muslin as the lighter tone.
Please sign your block

Cut off date for getting blocks to me would be August 1, 2012. My personal target date to get the quilts to Colorado is mid September.

Please contact me via dolphinquilter at hotmail dot com for my address if you’d like to take part.

Thanks in advance,

Mary in Oregon


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