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Friday, January 9, 2009

The New CPSIA Rules About Protecting Children Under the Age of Twelve ......

You may have seen newspaper articles or television stories about the new law the US Congress has enacted about testing for lead and phthalates in products that will be sold for children under the age of twelve. The law was passed as a reaction to toys imported from overseas that were found to have lead parts, etc. This law has had some vague wording that some have interpreted to mean that little ol' quiltmakers like us could not give away our charity quilts.

Yes we can.

Project Linus headquarters national president has let all coordinators know that we can continue donating quilts, afghans and blankets because we are not in commerce. Carol, the national president has been in contact with the Consumer Protection Agency about this and charities are in the clear.

Project Linus is a charity, not a business. So if you are not in commerce you are OK.

This Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was written in August, 2008 to apply to businesses and will go into effect on February 10, 2009. There has been a great hullaballoo over the new CPSIA because the very existence of second-hand thrift stores were being threatened by the strict requirements of the law but evidently things are being "toned down" and will be changed. You can do a Google on the subject if you are interested.

Judy in Ohio

P.S. Here is something the Consumer Product Safety Commission published yesterday saying that used children's merchandise does not have to be tested .... that is what will save the thrift stores and people who want to sell children's items at garage sales



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