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Thursday, October 23, 2008

You'll Love Using a SewSlip

Trust me, ladies, you will love using a SewSlip II (the one with the rectangular hole) and you won't regret the expense of buying this Teflon sheet with the sticky back. (It's sticky like one of those Post-it notes.) It's rather like having a patent-leather surface on your sewing bed ... it almost feels greasy, but it isn't, and it makes your free motion work easier because the quilt sandwich positively slithers over the surface. Here's my old Cecil Faye (Singer 201-2) in her fancy cabinet my DH built all ready to go with the SewSlip in place. Changing a bobbin is a bit more complicated but I do not grumble at all because I love my SewSlip.

Judy in Ohio (who has no affiliation with the company other than being a happy customer.)


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