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Friday, May 1, 2009

Quilt Show Thread

Our guild will be having a show next spring - we also do one every other year and this will be our third. Since I will be co-chairing I am enjoying this thread on shows and I am copying all of the comments from all of you. Our show is not really "judged," but there are prizes given which are determined by popular vote. We had a bit of a free for all with entries last time. A deadline had been set for info on the quilts that would be entered and that was a month or so ahead of the show. The night before the show was hung, the person who was making labels finally quit answering her phone because people were still calling with additions or changes...so we had way more than we had planned for or had room to display properly. It was a Great show because we had so many quilts, but because they couldn't all be displayed in full the voting was affected and people's feelings were understandably hurt. We have some ideas on how to deal with that this year but, again, I am really appreciating all the comments being made. Any other tips, dos or don'ts, suggestions, etc. would be welcomed. Joleen in MN


  • At May 1, 2009 at 5:15 PM , Blogger Laura in Alabama said...

    We set a deadline for show entry, but allow photos of unfinished quilts to be submitted with the entry form. The deadline is several weeks before the show (at least 2), so that the programs can be printed. The quilts are delivered to the show chair-people a few days before the show, and no one gets to add a quilt after the original deadline! Use the program as the reason for not accepting late entries.


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